In an era where AI headlines promise revolution and the temptation to "Have AI do it for you!" Inclusive AI Strategies is a resource for those seeking to navigate the complexities of generative AI with wisdom, equity, and foresight. We can acknowledge the power of AI to transform our work and learning environments but also recognize the inherent challenges—bias, ethical use, and the potential for perpetuating inequities. Our mission is to empower educators and business leaders with the knowledge and tools to employ AI in an ethical way that is more inclusive than a default AI response.

Through a series of short, engaging, insightful modules, Inclusive AI Strategies offers a path to understanding how AI can be tailored to respect and include diverse perspectives, promote Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and adhere to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles. Learn how to challenge the status quo, prompt AI to serve our needs and the needs of all learners and stakeholders, and critically assess the content it generates to avoid reinforcing outdated stereotypes, biases and outdated educational practices in ways that more closely align with our values.

The focus extends beyond mere adoption to responsible integration, where AI tools are used collaboratively and thoughtfully, with a constant eye toward inclusion and equity. This is a call to action for those ready to lead the charge in crafting AI applications that truly reflect our diverse societies and contribute positively to our collective future.

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These training were developed by Jon Fila.

Jon Fila is an award-winning educator, speaker and author who promotes equitable access to high-quality educational materials and experiences for all learners. Jon has led digital accessibility initiatives, developed curriculum, and facilitated the adoption and update of Open Educational Resources (OER). He has written three books on the use of AI in education. Jon also serves as an educational consultant, providing presentations and workshops for school districts and organizations around the United States. Jon was a 2022 Minnesota Teacher of the Year finalist and is currently a semi-finalist for 2024. You can find out more about him at